3D cameras / 6D cameras

There are many applications, where the knowledge of the third dimension makes the difference. In robot guidance, for example, 3D cameras makes it possible, that machine production and manufacturing assistants can interpret their environment. In the medical technology, medical diagnostic and therapy devices require a precise determination and alignment of the patient's position. In logistics, 3D camera makes ist possible to automate and optimizes processings like pick & place, package checking, palletizing and de-palletizing, loading and unloading containers.

We consequently brought the idea of the 3D cameras to the next level and introduced the mvBlueSIRIUS, the first 6D camera. 6D means, that besides the three spatial dimensions, the camera also returns the motion vector of each coordinate. This means that the camera perceives its environment like the human eye. Thus the camera is also called a Perception Camera.

But this is still not enough for many applications, for example in the logistics area. Here, the information about the color plays an essential role and the mvBlueSIRIUS returns the color information for each point. All in all the 6D camera achieves 25 images per second with an overlap area of 1024 x min. 900 pixels (max. 1024). Because the 6D camera can use the GPU of the embedded graphics card of the host system, up to 90 % of the CPU load remains for the image processing.

The following infographic summerizes the benefits of the mvBlueSIRIUS 6D camera illustratively:

Benefits of our 3D camera
Benefits of our 3D camera