=============================================================================================== Version info LabVIEW acquire The MATRIX VISION GmbH mvIMPACT Acquire interface to LabVIEW(c) by National Instruments (c) =============================================================================================== 04.03.2013 1.6.8 NEW VI: singleCaptureStorage.vi 01.03.2012 1.6.7 NEW VIs: DMR_UpdateDeviceList, DMR_GetDeviceCount 02.09.2011 1.6.6 NEW VI: OBJ_GetHandleEx.vi, updated template.vi for a usage example. 24.05.2011 1.6.5 UPDATE: Changed the way the PixelFormat is located in order to make sure the actual destination format is modified an not the newly introduced transfer pixel format. UPDATE: DMR_GetImageRequestBufferData does contain all current pixel formats now. 19.04.2011 1.6.4 NEW FEATURE: Support for new pixel format added: ibpfBGR888Packed. NEW FEATURE: DMR_GetImageRequestBufferImageData8Bit, DMR_GetImageRequestBufferImageData16Bit and DMR_GetImageRequestBufferImageData32Bit accept an additional parameter 'bytespp' now. This will allow to query data for pixel formats like 48 bit RGB or 24 bit RGB. 07.06.2010 1.6.3 CHANGED BEHAVIOUR: Most VIs will allow re-entrant execution now which significantly improves performance when working with multiple devices in parallel. 05.02.2010 1.6.2 CHANGED BEHAVIOUR: ActiveX control(MV_ImageViewer.ocx) is compiled using VS2008 now(was VS2005). This was necessary because of a bug(probably in the LabVIEW 2009 installer) that causes LabVIEW 2009 to crash at startup when a certain version of the Microsoft CRT is present on the system. This version was needed by the Active X control before. 19.10.2009 1.6.1 NEW VI: OBJ_Execute.vi, continuousCaptureMono8.vi sample show how to use this VI. 28.09.2009 1.6.0 NEW FEATURE: x64 version for Windows is available now to be used with x64 versions of LabVIEW. NEW VI: DISP_SetImageEx.vi CHANGED BEHAVIOUR: 'DISP_Overlay.vi' is no longer shipped as it has been replaced by the 4 other DISP_OverlayXXX VIs. BUGFIX: Some issues with library locations when starting some of the samples for the first time. === CD2008/B === === CD2008/A === 13.05.2008 1.5.6 UPDATE: 'continuousCaptureMono8.vi' now checks for all errors that can occur during an acquisition cycle. Some comments about error handling added to other samples. BUGFIX: Selection of 'TriggerMode' in 'continuousCaptureMono8_triggered.vi' sometimes used incorrect numerical values, as LabVIEW doesn't allow enums with gaps in the set of values. 10.04.2008 1.5.5 NEW SAMPLE: multiChannelCaptureMono8.vi 03.04.2008 1.5.4 UPDATE: DMR_FindList list type enum updated(new types added). This might force you to change your code. BUGFIX: GMR_GetImageRequestInfoEx is working correctly now. However this will force you to change your code. NEW FEATURE: Missing data(%) added to DMR_GetImageRequestInfoEx.vi 17.03.2008 1.5.3 BUGFIX: The DMR_GetDevice VIs bool input terminal was inverted. 06.02.2008 1.5.2 UPDATE: Converted into LabVIEW 6.1 format as LabVIEW versions from 8.5 onwards refuses to load LabVIEW 5.x VIs. UPDATE: Slightly improved the live acquisition loops in the samples. === CD2007/A === 23.07.2007 1.5.1 UPDATE: Error handling in the acquisition loop of the continuous capture samples is more robust now. 12.06.2007 1.5.0 BUGFIX: Incompatible change in DMR_GetImageRequestResultEx.vi and DMR_GetImageRequestResult.vi. As LabVIEW only supports enums without gaps in the value range and the underlying interface functions do NOT use a zero based contiguous set of values this change became necessary. 17.04.2007 1.4.2 NEW VIs: OBJ_GetDictSize, OBJ_GetIDictEntry BUGFIX: DMR_GetImageRequestResultEx.vi, DMR_GetImageRequestInfoEx.vi returned incorrect data. NEW SAMPLE: continuousCaptureMono8_triggered.vi 17.01.2007 1.4.1 NEW SAMPLE: multiChannelCaptureMono8.vi === CD2006/B === 22.08.2006 1.4.0 NEW VIs: DMR_GetImageRequestInfoEx.vi and DMR_GetImageRequestResultEx.vi. These VIs replace the versions without the 'Ex' in the file name and should be used instead of these VIs. The old VIs are just provided for downward compatibility. UPDATE: All CIN source code, project files and related documentation has been removed. The functions are now bundled inside a DLL(LabVIEW_Acquire.dll) which is more flexible and much easier to maintain. This should also fix all CIN related problems with VS 2005. 09.08.2006 1.3.1 Updated workspaces for the CIN files. They are now configured as suggested by NI. 14.07.2006 1.3.0 NEW VIs: DISP_Overlay, DISP_OverlayHandler, DISP_OverlayModifyShape, DISP_OverlayDeleteShape, DISP_OverlayRegisterShape. NEW SAMPLE: templates.vi 28.04.2006 1.2.1 NEW enum value added to DMR_GetImageRequestParamS.vi 27.04.2006 1.2.0 NEW VIs: DISP_Init, DISP_Deinit, DISP_SetDisplayMode, DISP_SetImage, DISP_SetDisplayRectangle, DISP_Update to allow fast and direct image display under LabVIEW. NEW FEATURE: ActiveX control(MV_ImageViewer.ocx) added. This control can be used as a display canvas. See 'continuousCapture.vi' for how to use it in your applications. 26.04.2006 1.1.3 BUGFIX: Standard values in singleCapture RGB samples corrected(device number was incorrect. === CD2006/A === 30.03.2006 1.1.2 Renamed to 'LabVIEW acquire'. 01.12.2005 1.1.1 Missing parameter 'device number' added to samples. Samples show how to work with LabVIEW images as well now. 22.11.2005 1.1.0 NEW VIs: OBJ_GetValCount, OBJ_SetValCount. NEW SAMPLE: digital_I_O.vi === CD2005/C === 06.10.2005 1.0.1 Recompiled with latest sources. 16.08.2005 1.0.0 Initial version.