mvIMPACT Configuration Studio (mvIMPACT-CS)

The browser based mvIMPACT Configuration Studio, or mvIMPACT-CS for short, enables you to get started in industrial image processing without any programming knowledge and without any knowledge of image processing thanks to its intuitive and simple operation concept. The software offers a wide range of easy-to-understand tools and consequently speed up the development of the application.

  • Functional overview
  • Advantages
  • Tool Box
  • Downloads
Tools Standard Ident Inspect Extended
Get image
(Get inputs, Receive data, Set outputs, Send results, Calibrate robot)
Process reliance
(Check brightness/focus, Find object)
Read code
Read text
Check object
Measure object
HALCON script
  • Intuitive: With a few steps to the complete inspection
  • Efficient: High performance
  • Multi-platform: Access via PC, tablet, smart phone via browser; Runs on the mvBlueGEMINI smart camera or on Windows/Linux PC (offline)
  • Extendable: Allows to include own tools
powered by HALCON
powered by HALCON
Tool box
Tool box

All available tools are grouped in the tool box, from which the user can select those suitable to solve various tasks. Furthermore, tasks can be trained with the software choosing the right algorithms and setting the matching parameters. Image processing knowhow is, consequently, not an absolute requirement. If a task requires a client-specific tool, mvIMPACT-CS can be readily expanded with the client’s own library.

mvIMPACT Configuration Studio (mvIMPACT-CS) Release

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mvIMPACT-CS.history mvIMPACT-CS.history | 43.8 kB

mvIMPACT-CS History-Datei / mvIMPACT-CS history file

mvIMPACT-CS Release 2.6.0 mvIMPACT-CS Release 2.6.0 | 172,460.0 kB

mvIMPACT-CS 64 Bit Release Windows

mvIMPACT-CS Release 2.5.1 mvIMPACT-CS Release 2.5.1 | 183,960.0 kB

mvIMPACT-CS 64 Bit Release Windows

mvIMPACT Configuration Studio (ICS) User Manual (English) mvIMPACT Configuration Studio (ICS) User Manual (English) | 4,860.4 kB

mvIMPACT Configuration Studio (ICS) User Manual

mvIMPACT Configuration Studio (ICS) Benutzerhandbuch (Deutsch) mvIMPACT Configuration Studio (ICS) Benutzerhandbuch (Deutsch) | 5,200.9 kB

mvIMPACT Configuration Studio (ICS) Benutzerhandbuch

mvIMPACT-CS 2018-06 MR (English) mvIMPACT-CS 2018-06 MR (English) | 1,705.7 kB

Datasheet mvIMPACT-CS

mvIMPACT-CS 2018-06 MR (Deutsch) mvIMPACT-CS 2018-06 MR (Deutsch) | 1,736.4 kB

Datenblatt mvIMPACT-CS

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