Customized Products (CuP)


You have special technical requirements concerning hardware or software, which are beyond the offer spectrum of our standard products? You wish individualized products which match your corporate design or you need a software freeze to ensure a consistent product configuration?

For all these demands we have the right solution for your: our Customized Product articles (CuP for short).

Share us your requirements and wishes and we can make you an individual, customized recommendation. Because of our modular product designs and because our equipment options are based on a toolbox principle, we can

  • realize customer-specific adaptations quickly and in a flexible way,
  • guarantee, that arising development costs are reduced to the most significant points and for this reason costs stay low,
  • implement customer-specific adaptations even for small production series.

Here is a selection of different possibilities for customer-specific adaptations:


Beside the standard IR cut filter there are also possible:

  • glass filters,
  • daylight cut filters, or
  • special customer-specific ones like e.g. bandpass filter,
  • screwed or not.



With regard to the housing you can choose between

  • neutral design without printing in blue or black, or
  • in color of choice with
  • customer-specific printing.

Additionally, adapted housings are possible to customer specifications.

Lens holders

You can equipe your CuP articles with

  • standard lens holders with or without back focus adjustment,
  • with other mounts (e.g. S-mount), or with
  • customer-specific lens holder with specifc adjustment options.

On xour behalf we can 

  • mount your optics and adjust them to your needs.

Everything is possible from firmware freeze to implementing customer-specific algorithms inside the FPGA (e.g. frame averaging, compression). Please contact us.



We can modify components to your needs, e.g. implement

  • other plug designs (e.g. angled) or alternate connectors,
  • other interfaces and signal types,
  • and much more.