Embedded Vision

It does not matter, whether space limitations like in mobile devices are present or not or special tasks require innovative image processing solutions with local intelligence. Embedded Vision solutions enjoy a steadily growing popularity. Especially performance improvements of single-board computers like Raspberry Pi, BeagleBoard, ODROID, etc. additionally boost this trend and make it possible to implement a variety of inspection and identificaion applications.

Embedded Vision systems offer a lot of advantages. They are

  • small,
  • cost-effective, and
  • efficient.

For this reason, they are an effective image processing alternative besides the classic PC-based image processing systems and intelligent cameras.

Our Module Kit

Embedded Vision Module Kit with BFembedded Interface
Embedded Vision Module Kit with BFembedded Interface

Based on the new "BFembedded Interface" we offer a flexible and modular interface concept with suitable Embedded Vision Module Kit. I.e. you can select suitable components for your project, your assembly situation and your connection to the computer from a variety of possibilities. The "BFembedded Interface" provides the following data transfer and communication possibilities:

  • 4 digital inputs
  • 4 digital outputs
  • a UART interface for serial communication
  • a I2C two wire serial interface
  • USB 3.0

With the "BFembedded Interface" Module Kit you can combine cameras from a wide range of products with different USB 3.0 connection boards, which can be mounted separately from the camera using flex cable extensions. Custom specific connection boards can be developed on request, where no limits are set to imagination. You could think about connection boards to GPU boards, other connectors or different connector orientations, etc.

Embedded Vision products with "BFembedded Interface"

  • mvBlueFOX3-3M - Compact USB3 Vision single-board camera with Sony Starvis rolling shutter sensors
  • mvBlueFOX3-5M - Compact USB3 Vision board-board camera with Sony Pregius global shutter and Starvis rolling shutter sensors

Embedded Vision products without "BFembedded Interface"

  • mvBlueFOX3-M1 - USB3 Vision board-level camera with e2v / Aptina sensors
  • mvBlueFOX3-M2 - USB3 Vision board-level camera with Sony Pregius CMOS sensors
  • mvBlueFOX-MLC - Low-cost USB 2.0 board-level cameras

About USB 3

The consumer interface USB 3 was introduced in 2010 and is very popular not only for the USB 2.0 backwards compatibility. In the meantime, every new PC hardware is shipped with USB 3. There are several other advantages: the USB 3 interface supports a gross bandwidth of 5000 MBit/s, however, the draft of version 3.1 announced a bandwidth of 10000 MBit/s. A max. cable length of 3.5 m (using consumer cables) is supported (8 m is possible with good cables). The interface is suitable for applications

  1. with high resolutions,
  2. high frame rates, and
  3. short distances between the camera and the processing unit.

Optical cables extend the distance to 100 m. However, this is not expensive, because USB 3 as a consumer interface provides a wide range of cost-effective accessories.

  USB 2.0 USB 3.2 Gen 1 Gigabit Ethernet Dual Gigabit Ethernet
Gross bandwidth [MBit/s] 480 5000 1000 2000
Net bandwidth [MB/s] 30 300 + x 120 240
Max. cable length [m] 3,5 8
(100 with optical cables)
100 200
Introduction interface 2000 2010 2004 2008
Introduction image processing standard - 2013 2006 2012