Newsletter 01/2011

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mvBlueFOX-IGC - super compact USB 2.0 camera with 3 CMOS sensors available

The successful single-board USB 2.0 mvBlueFOX camera is now available with housing. All the connections of the small (W x H x L = 35 x 33 x 25 mm) mvBlueFOX-IGC are available externally. The new sensors types, with resolutions of 1280 x 960 pixels and 2592 x 1944 pixels, are also available for this model. Further information will be published on our website in the near future.

Motorized lens control

An S-mount lens holder with a motorized lens control suitable for the mvBlueFOX-MLC is available. The lens can be driven to an accuracy of 500 nm. Absolute positioning is supported. For this reason, auto focus solutions (controlled by the application) are possible. Furthermore, the motorized lens control is suitable for applications with different focal lengths.

Software: NeuroCheck and Cognex VisionPro support

VisionPro from Cognex supports MATRIX VISION hardware

Cognex has integrated MATRIX VISION hardware in VisionPro. Now VisionPro users will no longer miss the innovative products from MATRIX VISION. VisionPro is primarily characterized by its comprehensive tool set covering all vision demands from geometric object location and inspection to identification and measurement.


All models of our mvHYPERION family (CameraLink, HD and analog types) are completely supported by the current version of NeuroCheck. NeuroCheck is a general purpose image processing software designed, for example, to check completeness of assembly groups, surface quality and measurements of work pieces, correctness of inscriptions and precise positioning.

Drivers: Enhanced rotary encoder support

In many applications including industrial controls, robotics etc. a rotary encoder is used, which is an electro-mechanical device that converts the angular position of a shaft or axle to an analog or digital code, making it an angle transducer. Since version version 1.11.24, the mvHYPERION driver supports this functionality. In wxPropView, in "Digital I/O" → "PulseStartConfigurations" you can set "RotaryDecoder" as the "PulseStartTrigger".

Enhanced support with TeamViewer

A picture is worth a thousand words. This idiom can be applied to problems which can be solved more easily by showing a solution on a monitor directly instead of describing it on the telephone. With TeamViewer remote support is easy. In the download area of our website, we offer a MATRIX VISION version of TeamViewer. After starting the EXE file, the program displays the connection data including a password. This information is needed by our support so that it is possible to establish a connection with your system.