Newsletter 02/2012


Perhaps you've already seen our current advertising campaign with the mvBlueLYNX-X. In front of a colored M&M's background you can read "Control Freak" in big letters. At the Automatica 2012 in Munich you've had the chance to prove that this term is fact and not fiction. And - how good was your guess? 100, 50, 10 or just 5 pieces away? Congratulations. However - for our smart camera that's still an unacceptable margin of error.

Find out for yourself the many benefits of our control freak mvBlueLYNX-X. Please contact our sales team for a cost-free demo camera.

We wish you much enjoyment when reading the other news of our newsletter.


We decided to support the USB3 Vision standard

The number of proprietary USB 3.0 solutions rises. However, proprietary solutions are not accepted. According to the AIA’s 2010 market survey, it is notable that the market share of USB cameras is disproportionate to the high availability of the USB interface. In contrast, the GigE Vision interface and its cameras have the highest growth rates with no end in sight.

MATRIX VISION decided to support the USB3 Vision standard and will introduce the first cameras at the Vision 2012 in Stuttgart.

New ways of getting a perfect color image

A high color fidelity is required especially in the area of broadcast, medicine and microscopy, where images are displayed. The same conditions apply for visual printed image controls. For all camera families, MATRIX VISION strikes out in a new direction.

GigE Kameras now with PoE or PLC

MATRIX VISION's successful GigE Vision camera mvBlueCOUGAR-X is available with two new features. On the one hand, with the option “-POE” (for Power over Ethernet) you have the possibility to power the camera via Ethernet cable. This simplifies the cabling of the camera considerably. This options consists of 2/2 opto-isolated digital inputs and outputs. The local power supply with 12 - 24 V is also possibly of course.

On the other hand, with the option “-PLC” (which cannot be combined with the -POE option) there is a more robust model of the camera especially for PLC signals (24V) available. The low/high switching threshold was increased to approx. 10V. This option is beneficial for very long I/O cables (≥ 30m), which can require surge protection according to EN standard testing.

New firmware for mvBlueCOUGAR-X

A firmware was published with several improvements (the firmware is part of our current driver package, which is ready for download from our website).

NeuroCheck 6 support

In 2011, NeuroCheck introduced the new version 6.0 of ist image processing system. All CameraLink frame grabbers by MATRIX VISION are supported by NeuroCheck directly. For all other products, MATRIX VISION offers an interface which i spart of the driver installation. During the installation, you have to select the interface in „Third Party Software Bindings -> NeuroCheck 6 Support“.

New employees at MATRIX VISION

Since March 2012 we are pleased to welcome 6 new team members to the MATRIX VISION family:

Sales department: Michael Welscher, Andreas Mikeska and Martin Scharfe

Development department: Dominikus Kimmich

Support team: Konstantinos Taptas

Quality management: Stefan Föll