Newsletter 01/2014


In print, on TV, and online, the old year ended with a great many end-of-year retrospectives. However, we do not want to add one more to the list; we just want to sum up by saying: Thank you very much!

With your help, we finished 2013 as the most successful year of our history.

In order that you continue to place your trust in us, we will keep on developing trend-setting products, implementing new features, and helping you with active advice and support. Perhaps you will find something interesting in this newsletter?


Sequencer Mode feature: Hardly in the GenICam release, already in the camera

The latest release of the GenICam SFNC (Standard Feature Naming Convention) introduces a new GenICam feature: the Sequencer Mode. With this mode you can define sequences, which contain a parameter set. You can define a linear acquisition sequence, for example, with different exposure times. It is also possible to create acquisition sequences depending on trigger inputs and trigger signals. All in all, this is a powerful tool.

From mvIMPACT Acquire version 2.5.20, you can test the new Sequencer Mode with the CCD versions of mvBlueCOUGAR-X and mvBlueCOUGAR-XD. Here you can acquire image sequences with different exposure times without switching delays. We will add further parameters, cameras, and features in future.

In the manuals we added a use case concerning the Sequencer Mode.

A&B Software und Impuls unterstützen MATRIX VISION Hardware

ActiveGigE, ActiveUSB, and ActiveGeni are universal industrial-grade camera SDKs from A&B Software designed to provide software developers with a rapid access to GigE Vision, USB3 Vision and GenICam-compliant cameras. They support multiple programming environments including C++, C#, VB, Delphi, PowerBuilder, Java, Matlab, Labview, Python, QT. Supported MATRIX VISION hardware:

  • mvBlueFOX3 USB 3.0 cameras

  • mvBlueCOUGAR-X GigE cameras with PoE

  • <li"> mvBlueCOUGAR-XD Dual-GigE cameras

nVision by Impuls Imaging enables you to create automated image processing and image analysis applications, without any programming especially for microscopy and laboratory operations. The software features intuitive, engaging user interface based on WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation), supports native 64 bit, as well as parallelized and vectorized algorithms.

nVision supports all MATRIX VISION hardware families.

New firmware 1.6 for mvBlueLYNX-X

This week we have released the new firmware for the mvBlueLYNX-X smart camera. The firmware contains following updates:

  1. Up-to-date mvIMPACT Acquire v2.5.19

  2. New LiveDVD with updated development environment, includes a demo for controlling mvXLamp

  3. New SDK with mvIMPACT Acquire v2.5.19 on the website

You can download the new version FW1.6 from the mvBlueLYNX-X product page by clicking on the "Downloads" tab.

New sales manager for Benelux

Since December, 1st 2013 Rick de Vries is our new sales manager for the Benelux countries. With Rick de Vries, we strengthen our international sales team and intensify our activities in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.