Newsletter 03/2014


Just one month to go until the VISION 2014 in Stuttgart and two years of waiting will come to an end. And - you should be looking forward to it, because a dynamic industry like the industrial image processing branch, always has the capacity to surprise. Of course, we will be contributing an appropriate share:

  • New global shutter CMOS sensor IMX174 by Sony with a unique interface selection (GigE, Dual-GigE, USB 3.0)

  • a new type of 3D camera

  • a new smart camera generation

  • USB 2.0 camera driver for embedded boards

Let us show you our new innovations at our cocktail bar. So make a note in your diary: November the 4th till November the 6th, Stuttgart, Hall 1 - Stand E12.
We will send you a separate invitation with a ticket voucher two weeks before the VISION.

We hope you enjoy reading the latest trends in our newsletter.


Standby mode and new frame average mode

Extended functionality for our mvBlueFOX3 USB3 Vision camera:

  1. Standby mode:
    You can put the camera in sleep mode which needs approx. 70 mA instead of approx. 450 mA. Setting the camera to active, it will be available after 7 seconds. You can set this mode either using wxPropView or by programming.

  2. Frame average mode:
    Besides dynamic adjustment of the noise reduction we implemented the brand new mvNTo1 mode. i.e., the selected amount of images will be averaged. This leads to better edges in the image; ideal for measurement applications without frame rate demands.

Dual-GigE with Cognex VisionPro

VisionPro by Cognex does not support Dual-GigE cameras by default - a challenge for our support team. However, with a simple trick they could integrate the mvBlueCOUGAR-XD in VisionPro. We published a FAQ concerning this issue.

A quick start with the mvBlueLYNX-X Starterkit

The starter kit offers an all-inclusive packages to an attractive price starting from 990 Euros. The kit contains the smart camera, a 12.5 mm lens, an interface box for trigger testings, a power supply, all needed cables, tripod, tripod adapter, USB hub, a case, evaluation licenses for EVT EyeVision + HALCON Embedded, and free-of-charge training. You can choose one of the 10 available mvBlueLYNX-X models.

Don't miss your chance to order your kit and choose one of the following training dates:

  • October, the 23rd 2014 mvBlueLYNX-X Starterkit (Oppenweiler)

  • November, the 20th 2014 mvBlueLYNX-X Starterkit (Oppenweiler)

Manuals in Google

If you search a specific chapter or section in our manuals - no problem - you can use Google. Google indexed our manuals so you can insert the product and the search term in the search engine, e.g. "mvbluefox3 +frame average". You will get the result and the link to the chapter in the manual. Have fun!