Newsletter 03/2015


"And the winner is..." - well-known in award ceremonies, these few words stand for thrill and excitement and it makes no difference to whether you are a movie star or not. As a nominee for Manager of the Year 2015, our Technical General Manager, Uwe Furtner, experienced just this situation. To our delight the results, announced on June 18th, placed Uwe Furtner among the three winners in the category "Automation". In total 60 managers in 6 industries had been nominated so the award demonstrates that treating our customers as genuine partners and together creating real innovations has been genuinely honoured. Uwe Furtner would like to thank you, the customers and the employees.

​With this in mind we look forward to future joint projects and we wish you many innovative ideas while reading the newsletter.


New landing page demonstrates advantages of the 3D camera mvBlueSIRIUS

What was our motivation to develop a 3D or 6D camera and what's the definition of 6D? New innovations require new methods and the new mvBlueSIRIUS landing page shows the advantages of this new product family well. The page is based on scrolly telling, a neologism of scrolling and story telling, which describes a website that tells stories by scrolling.

Benefit from the IMX advantages in a reasonable price

For all those who want to use the new IMX sensor but do not need high frame rates, for those, Sony has introduced the new cost-effective IMX249 CMOS sensor. We have integrated this sensor into the USB 3.0 family as the following product: mvBlueFOX3-2024a. Apart from the lower frame rate of 41 fps, the model benefits from the same image quality as IMX174 including high dynamic, high quantum efficiency and low noise:

Please request a loan and convince yourself of the benefits of the new CMOS sensors in our new mvBlueFOX3-2 camera.

Additional image information available in the data stream

The GenICam Standard allows sending additional image information (called Chunk Data) like time stamp of the image or the image format via the data stream. Since mvGenTL Acquire driver version 2.12.2 you can use this functionality with the USB3 Vision cameras. You can activate these data via wxPropView or you can set and get the Chunk Data using the API.

USB3 Vision cameras support sequence recording with parameter sets

With the Sequencer Control you can define acquisition sequences with a specified parameter set. The sets are then activated by a user-defined trigger source and event. For example, you can define an acquisition sequence with five different exposure times.

Since mvGenTL Acquire driver version 2.12.5 you can use the Sequencer Control with the USB3 Vision camer

Event notifications with new driver version for free

An event is a message that is sent to the host application, e.g. to synchronize the application with the camera. For this reason, you can control the following events with the Event Control: "Exposure End" (sensor's exposure end), "Line 4" (rising edge at DigIn0), "Line 5" (rising edge at DigIn1) as well as "Frame End" (camera is ready for a new trigger).

Since mvGenTL Acquire driver version 2.13.1 you can use the Sequencer Control with the USB3 Vision cameras.

New sales manager for UK & Ireland

Since 1st April 2015 Andy Ward is our new sales manager for the UK & Ireland. With Andy Ward we are strengthening our international sales team and intensifying our activities on the British Isles.

New support staff at MV India

In India we also welcome a new colleague? Mr Rajesh Pattipati strengthens the MV India team and will be working to support our products. Mr Pattipati has over 7 years' automation and machine vision experience.