Newsletter 05/2016


Thanks to you, VISION 2016 was a huge success for the organisers and for us. We would like to support you during the realisation of your project either with our standard products or with our customized solutions, both of which we exhibited at the VISION show.

We hope you enjoy reading the latest trends in our newsletter.

Best wishes

Low-cost variants and stainless steel housing

Not everyone needs the full range of software functions available in the twin concept combining the mvBlueGEMINI Smart Camera and the "mvIMPACT Configuration Studio" (mvIMPACT-CS for short). For these customers, MATRIX VISION is releasing two low-cost variants of the mvBlueGEMINI for specific applications. Whereas the "mvBlueGEMINI-Ident" is optimized to read texts and codes, the "mvBlueGEMINI-Inspect" main focus is on inspecting objects.

A further innovation is the hygienic design of the smart camera with IP 67 protection class. With the new housing the mvBlueGEMINI is going to cope the challenges of the food industry, too.

Sequencer mode with new possibilities

We again extended the Sequencer Mode in the current version of the driver. With mvBlueFOX3-2 USB 3.0 cameras it is now possible to save Gain, Binning, and Decimation in the parameter set of the sequence. In the next driver release, you will be able to change Gain and Exposure, even if the Sequencer Mode is running.

Since driver version 2.17.0, the GigE filter driver was updated. Now, the filter driver is based on NDIS 6 and the driver is compliant to Windows 10.

As usual, you can find details about driver and firmware changes in the history file. In a short and clear manner new features, bug fixes, changes, etc. are listed and described.

New Sales Manager for Scandinavia

MATRIX VISION has named Lars Dalsgaard as the new Sales Manager for Scandinavia, thereby strengthening its international sales team and enabling better local support for its ever-growing European customer base.

Lars Dalsgaard brings with him several years of experience in the area of automation and industrial image processing and is considered to be an expert on the subject of traffic monitoring. He is familiar with the specific demands of this area, such as the changing light conditions and temperature specifications which need to be observed and satisfied. In the future, Lars will support new and existing customers with their commercial, technical and application-specific needs in these key markets.

Comprehensive programming sample mvIMPACT-CS Service Port

We have added the "mvDeviceStandbyTimeout" feature to standby mode. With this

mvIMPACT-CS Service Port is a small lightweight tool to control mvBlueGEMINI smart cameras by using UDP. The application is useful to control the camera and to send triggers as well as save result containers as csv-file. A nice to have feature is the statistics menu in which a quick statistics of all result containers can be displayed. You can download the tool from our website.