Newsletter 06/2016


With just one week until Christmas many will like to look back over the year 2016. For us, 2016 was something special because of our 30th anniversary, which we also celebrated with you at the VISION 2016. Thank you for your loyalty and pleasant cooperation over so many years.

We wish you a wonderful holiday season and a happy, healthy and successful New Year 2016. We will have a vacation close-down from 24th December 2016 and we will be fully operational again on Monday, 2nd January 2017.

Best wishes,

SmartFrameRecall saves resources in a smart way

"Faster, smaller, and cheaper" was one of the common themes you could see at VISION 2016. By way of contribution to this we like to improve and extend our existing products with smart features continuously and free of charge. With the release of driver version 2.18.0, for example, we proudly present the SmartFrameRecall for our Dual-GigE Vision cameras with CMOSIS and Pregius sensors (IMX). In many common applications not every image captured contains useful information; think of a conveyor belt with gaps between the products on it. In these cases it can be wasteful to transfer all images at full resolution. The SmartFrameRecall feature is a new data handling approach in which the camera buffers all the full resolution internally and only transfers thumbnails. You or your software decides on the host PC what exactly is of interest and the camera returns that ROI in full resolution to the host PC for subsequent image processings. This feature enables:

  • higher bandwidths and frame rates,

  • reduces the CPU load of the host system and for this reason the power consumption, and

  • simplifies the cabling.

Tamron 1.1" lens series for 12 Mpixels Sony Pregius sensors

We added the Tamron 1.1" lens series (order code MV-Onnnn-12M-TA) to our standard range. These are suitable for the 12 Mpixels Sony Pregius sensors IMX253 / IMX304 (e.g. available in mvBlueFOX3-2124 / mvBlueFOX3-2124a). The lenses are characterized by their large image-circle diameter, high-resolution right in to the corners, low distortion and an outstanding price/performance ratio.

50 meters distance with USB 3.0

Active optical cables (AOC) offer the possibility to cover much longer distances with USB 3.0. The Chinese manufacturer Everpro introduced industrial grade versions of AOCs, which we added to our portfolio as KS-USB3A-A EXT OPT in the lengths 10, 30 and 50 meters. In connection with hub (USB3 HUB H414AE2) there is no additional power supply necessary. The cables have several advantages, it is easy to install via plug & play, the transfer is reliable because of the optical transmission technology and it is compliant to USB 2.0. The latter one allows to use all mvBlueFOX cameras.

Firmware 1.3.1 with new features (Measure and Reports)

The current release 1.3, with the new Measure tool, enables the mvBlueGEMINI and the mvIMPACT-CS to carry out measurements in inspection programs. As with the existing tools, the ethos of the measure tool is easy, quick and efficient operation supported by a wizard. This highlights all the lines and circles it finds in the reference image. Users then select two elements that they want to measure. The wizard now automatically detects whether these elements are radii, angles or distances and issues the measurement values.
A further innovation is the possibility to create reports and save them on a server via FTP. The user can also choose, which information the report should contain (images and/or inspection results of OK and/or NOK objects). 

Know-how on our website - today: white papers

You will find a new section in the "Knowledge Base" on our website: the white papers. Periodically we will add new issues about solutions and experiences we have made with products, techniques, etc. If you have a particular issue, we should deal with, please let us know:

Thank you in advance!