Newsletter 01/2017


and before you knew it, 2017 was here.

In 2017, you will see more with us. So relax and put your feet up? Not here! Look forward to trendsetting innovations and events in the coming year and stay on the ball. We will, of course, make sure you're informed in good time in our newsletter.

Does an example sound appealing? A first even for us: as part of a scientific experiment, our intelligent mvBlueLYNX-X camera is going into space. We will report in detail on the results of this. Before then, we will provide a countdown, live stream and basic benchmark data on our website.

Best wishes,

Managing director Uwe Furtner receives another nomination for Manager of the Year

After taking home the title of "Manager of the Year 2015" two years ago, Managing Director Uwe Furtner has been nominated again in 2017. As a result of the idea for the "Twin concept using Smart Camera and easy-to-operate, browser-based configuration software", which enables complete inspections to be created without image processing knowledge and programming skills, the market and technology department experts once again saw the opportunity to include him in the pool of the nominees. Congratulations!

You have until 14/03/2017 to vote. The "Markt und Technik" magazine has set up a website for this.

Customized Product (CUP) item - flexible for your own product

Did you know that almost all of our standard products can be adapted entirely to your wishes for series projects? For so-called CUP items, we can, for example,

  • lock the Firmware (if you have to adhere to special, statutory predefined approval processes and amendments would trigger a renewed approval process),

  • specify customer-specific housing colours or logos,

  • select special filters,

  • set focussing for the S-Mount, and also

  • integrate customer-specific housing connections or cables,

  • etc.

Simply speak to your contact in sales about CUP items

Microscope software Micro-Manager supports mvIMPACT Acquire

Micro-Manager (aka µManager) is originally an Open Source software package used to control a microscope and to capture its images. As the duo of Micro-Manager for image capture and ImageJ for image processing is becoming increasingly popular, it was obvious that we should expand Micro-Manager image capture to industrial cameras.

Meanwhile, the Micro-Manager supports our mvIMPACT Acquire drivers so that all MATRIX VISION cameras and Frame Grabber images can be captured.

Cable range available on our website

At the beginning of the year, we expanded the accessories area of the website again and added our cable range. We will be continuously updating the product line throughout the first quarter. Should you have questions relating to availability, prices or versions, please contact our Support department.

Tamron lens series available for 2.4 Mpixel Sony Pregius verfügbar

We have included the Tamron 1/1.2" C-Mount lens series (item numbers MV-Onnnn-5M-TA) in our standard product range, which is specially suited to the 2.4 MPixel Sony Pregius sensors. Until now, a 1" lens has had to be used for these sensors. The lenses are characterized by

  • a very compact design

  • a very large image circle diameter (can be used for many applications, even for 1" sensors)

  • very good resolution right into the corners

  • a very good price-performance ratio.

Further focal lengths from 8mm to 75mm will follow.