Newsletter 02/2017


The REXUS rocket was successfully launched at 11:43 on 15.03. from Esrange Space Center in Sweden with our intelligent mvBlueLYNX-X camera on board. Images of the launch can be found on our website. We are, of course, excited and like you, we are awaiting the results of the DREAM project.

Best wishes,

Sales cooperation with Opto Engineering

The objective of this partnership is close collaboration in the field of industrial image processing components and joint use of the sales channels already established for optimal marketing on a global level. Opto Engineering will also immediately take over the MATRIX VISION digital industrial cameras in the portfolio, in addition to its own products. In return, our product range will be expanded in the future by products produced by our partner, such as telecentric objectives.

Thanks to this optimum expansion of the product ranges and the fact that both companies have many years of experience, you will receive an optimum range of products tailored to your specific application. The competent technical assistance and sales support for all sectors can therefore be provided from a single source.

Gigabit Ethernet camera for the short-wave UV range

The short-wave UV range is essential in many applications of laser technology, semi-conductor inspection and food product inspection. We have equipped the mvBlueCOUGAR-X104bUV with a special CMOSIS CMV4000 sensor version for these fields of use, where the microlenses have been removed and a sensor cover glass with special UV-permeable quartz glass is used.

The camera can be adjusted to a customised variant according to your preference or adapted with alternative I/O configuration.

The portfolio of the GigE vision camera has been further completed with this UV variant. Therefore, once designed, you will have flexible access to a wide range of variants, sensors and options, without needing to adjust your mechanics.

Several AOIs (areas of interest) in one picture

Whether used for monitoring, in the transport sector or in other fields of use - it is often interesting to have several image areas at once in one image, yet the transfer of the entire image is excessive. With the new "MultiAOI Feature", you can easily define the areas of the image relevant to you using Wizard. As a result of this, you are able to considerably simplify your image sequence, save on bandwidth and therefore make it possible to achieve a higher frame rate.

Firmware 1.4 with new features

With the new version of the mvIMPACT-CS software, the smart camera can now be calibrated in the "Set up camera" tool with the assistance of calibration plates. All distances measured are then shown in mm and manual entry is not required. The "Find object" tool has also been expanded, so that several objects can now be found in one image. What is more, the "Read text" tool has been expanded to include the fonts "Universal" and "Dot print". Additional new functions and bug fixes can be found in the history file.

Fieldbus expansion for the mvBlueGEMINI smart camera

Our mvBlueGEMINI smart camera can also be easily integrated in virtually any existing industrial fieldbus systems. In cooperation with HMS Industrial Networks GmbH, we offer solutions from the certified and approved product range of Anybus® Communicators. Thanks to a suitable configuration file, you can concentrate on what is important - your machine - and in doing so, take advantage of the benefits offered by convenient fieldbus integration.

Telecentric objectives available

You can also now find suitable telecentric objectives on our website. We have set up a customised selector for this purpose:

smart-light lighting and controller new to the range

We have incorporated lighting and the controller of the smart-light product range by Vision & Control, which were specially developed for industrial use, in our product portfolio. The highlight of smart-light electronics is:

  • The limit values for power and impulse time used in the lighting and selected from the controller prevent overloading of the lighting.

  • The active temperature control offers effective protection against premature ageing of the lighting.

  • Polarity protection prevents the destruction of the lighting field in the case of wiring errors during operation.

New support form on the website

We have optimised our processes and given the support form a makeover. The form is more compact than ever before and has been reduced to the important information that we require in order to resolve your case as quickly as possible. But it is not just the size of the form that has been changed, we have also optimised the interfaces in the backend, so that you receive feedback with your ticket number within two minutes. Once you respond to this email directly, your email is immediately recorded in our ticket system and attached to your case. Our reaction times will be considerably reduced thanks to these optimised processes.

Lens calculator expanded on the website

We have expanded the lens calculator on the website to include the information "Distance between object and sensor". This expansion offers benefits for constructors, who can now design their mechanisms to a much higher degree of accuracy.