Newsletter 04/2017


Smart Features have always made our GigE and USB3 Vision Cameras slick and smart industrial cameras with real added value:

Thanks to the elimination of cables and controllers and a reduction in host PC performance, overall systems are becoming considerably cheaper than would have been possibly by using “low cost cameras”. The overall system’s performance is improved and its flexibility increased, as scaling is possible.

There is no end in sight, as work is currently taking place on the development of further exciting Smart Features, which are easily incorporated into the cameras by a firmware update.

Reason enough to bring the Smart Features into sharp focus on our website in fitting fashion. Let yourself be inspired.Best wishes,


Sony Starvis - convenient rolling shutter CMOS sensors with back illumination

With Starvis, Sony has introduced another CMOS family. The rolling shutter sensors are more light-sensitive, as they are illuminated from behind. This means that the uptake of light occurs directly on the photodiodes without the need for the light to first pass various layers of electronics. This high level of light sensitivity, combined with outstanding dynamic range, offers a new quality of applications in difficult light conditions. We have integrated this sensor with excellent image quality into our USBV3 Vision camera family mvBlueFOX3 with the following properties:

  • mvBlueFOX3-2064

    • 1/1.8" CMOS sensor IMX178

    • 6,4 Mpixel (3096 x 2080)

    • 50,1 fps at full resolution

Previous series samples are available for evaluation purposes.

Signature verification firmware, serial interface and Python interface

Summer time is vacation time - but not for the mvIMPACT Acquire SDK. The most important new features are as follows. There has been signature verification in the firmware since version 2.21.0. This can be used to check the firmware for correctness.
The serial interface for the USB3 Vision camera family mvBlueFOX3 and for the GigE Vision camera families mvBlueCOUGAR-X and mvBlueCOUGAR-XD is now available with version 2.21.1. Motorized object lenses or other peripheral devices can be easily operated using RS232 via the serial interface.
Last but not least, the first version of the Python Wrapper for the mvIMPACT Acquire SDK was published with Version 2.22.0.

Firmware 2.0 - mvBlueGEMINI now also with color sensor

With Release 2.0, Smart Camera mvBlueGEMINI is now also available in a color version. The “mvIMPACT Configuration Studio”, mvIMPACT-CS for short, was expanded in such a way that continuous or one-off white balance can now be carried out in the “Camera set-up” tool. Furthermore, the “Check color” tool was reintroduced. With this tool, the color value, consisting of hue (H), saturation (S) and intensity (I), can be checked in an image section. What’s more, as well as speed optimizations for individual tools, some up to 90%, the update also makes it possible to produce reports together with RAW images.

MATRIX VISION with its own Youtube channel

Maybe someone or other has already noticed - we have our first subscribers, at least: We have our own YouTube channel. We will add new videos about image processing, MATRIX VISION, our products or applications that use our products to the channel at regular intervals. Let yourself be inspired and get more of an insight into the functionality of our products.

Stay tuned!

PPMA 2017 Birmingham NEC

Visit us in Birmingham (UK) at stand G46 and take a look at the mvBlueGEMINI Smart Camera - now available as color version - and mvIMPACT Configuration Studio. We will also be showing a preview of the mvIMPACT Configuration Studio (mvIMPACT-CS) as a PC standalone version for USB3 and GigE Vision standard cameras like our USB 3.0 camera mvBlueFOX3. The exhibition will be held from 26 to 28 September 2017.