Newsletter 01/2018


it blossoms and blooms, the days become longer, and the number of hours of sunshine increase - in short: spring is here. Time to tackle things - let's start.

We plan to initiate a survey on information procurement and media usage in the B2B area. We're hoping for active participation, so that the acquired knowledge also has a representative significance. The results can also be interesting for you, for this reason we would like share them with you. Please contact our marketing team.

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MATRIX VISION cameras support liquid lenses

There has been a trend to use cameras also e.g. in outdoor applications (traffic monitoring, security, or sports) or in logistics (objects with different heights, complex objects with inpections point in different distances) with varying object distances. This enforces the need to adjust the focus. The usage of liquid lenses represents a smart solution, which can change their curvature based on applied voltages.

These liquid lenses have been tested over 100 million of cycles with no degradation and they are very robust with respect to vibration and suitable for applications requiring quick changes in focus.

Our cameras can control liquid lenses via the serial interface.

PC version of the Smart Vision software now available

Until now, users of the mvBlueGEMINI smart camera could only use the mvIMPACT Configuration Studio to perform the full range of inspection tasks in a visual, quick and cost-effective manner if they possessed programming expertise and knowledge of image processing. Using the PC version and with the help of wizards, inspections can now also be simply and intuitively performed using PC and GigE Vision and USB3 Vision-compatible industrial cameras as a basis. This user group can therefore now also look forward to the guarantee of a quick and trouble-free entry into the world of industrial image processing.

Firmware 2.2 - load and execute HALCON scripts

With the new "HALCON Script" tool, which is available in the Extended version of the mvIMPACT Configuration Studio, it is now possible to to load and execute HALCON scripts. Here it does not matter whether mvIMPACT Configuration Studio runs on the Smart Camera or on a PC.

In addition, essential functions have been added to the "Measure object" tool. You can select measurement type manually. Also measure lines can now be used as a reference edge for further measurements.

Tamron 1/1.8" lens series for 0.4, 1.6, and 3.2 Mpixel Sony Pregius

We recently introduced the Tamron 1/1.8" lens series (article nos. MV-Onnnn-3M-TA) which perfectly fits to the smaller Sony Pregius v2 sensors IMX287, IMX273 and IMX252/265, e.g., in mvBlueFOX3-2004, mvBlueFOX3-2016, and mvBlueFOX3-2032(a).

The lenses have

  • a compact size

  • very short MOD (0.1m @ 6mm to 25mm focal length and 0.2m @ 50mm focal length)

  • fast lenses (aperture 1.4)

  • very good price-performance ratio.

Calendar 2018

Upcoming trade shows

16.05. - UKIVA Machine Vision Conference Milton Keynes (UK)
22.05.–24.05. - SPS IPC Drives Italia Parma (Italy)
06.06.–07.06. - Vision, Robotics & Motion Veldhoven (The Netherlands)
19.06.–22.06. - Automatica Munich (Germany)
25.09.–27.09. - PPMA Birmingham (UK)
23.10.–24.10. - Enova Paris (France)
06.11.–08.11. - Vision Stuttgart (Germany)