Newsletter 01/2019


Perhaps you have already noticed it? The mvIMPACT Acquire SDK version 2.31.0 was given a new look and shows our belonging to the Balluff GmbH. But that only was the smallest change of our driver. Among other things:

  • We have extended the Quick Setup Wizard to simplify the first steps with our cameras and Sony polarization sensors.

  • The configuration tool mvDeviceConfigure.exe can download the latest firmware from our website now. .

  • The mvIMPACT Acquire SDK and our examples are now shipped with CMake support. This allows the usage of many different build environments (compiler, tools) because the appropriate make/project files can be generated.

  • The flat field filter became AOI aware.

We hope you enjoy reading about the other latest news in our newsletter.

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High-resolution 31-megapixel cameras for USB 3 and Dual-GigE

With the IMX342 Pregius sensor, Sony has launched a high-resolution global shutter CMOS sensor, which, with a pixel size of 3.45 μm is very light sensitive and provides a very high dynamic range.

Due to the high resolution and size of the APS-C sensor, MATRIX VISION has opted for an M42 mount, which can be adapted to other lens mounts via adapters. To be able to operate both Dual-GigE and USB3 equally, the housings of the existing camera families have been aligned, so that in the future the user can focus fully on the choice of this sensor or future high-resolution sensors and respond completely flexibly when choosing Dual GigE or USB 3.The housings therefore have a uniform front panel cross-section of 49.8 x 49.8 mm and are almost identical in depth: 53.8 mm for USB3 or 55.3 mm for Dual GigE. In order to meet the high demands on the lens, MATRIX VISION has added selected M42 lenses from Zeiss to the portfolio.

mvIMPACT-CS appeared in the version 2.4

With the new version of our Smart Vision Software mvIMPACT Configuration Studio, the performance of numerous tools could once again be improved.

Among other things, the tool "read code" now has an expert and a beginner area, and parameters have been divided accordingly.The code search and recognition has been improved and accelerated.Code types can now be selected from a list and as soon as multiple codes are found in an image, the order of the output can be sorted. The tool “check blobs” now enables blob gaps to be filled in and to ignore blobs on the edge of the image.Furthermore, AOIs can be used to work in the tool. Moving the reference point is a new option in the tool “find object”.This can be required for applications, for example, in which a robot is to grasp a specific part of the object.

The complete summary of the modifications and new features can be found in the text file mvIMPACT-CS Release 2.4. It is available as of now for mvBlueGEMINI and as a PC version.

ZEISS lens series for 31.5 MPix Sony Pregius with M42

We introduce the Carl Zeiss 24x36 lens series (article # MV-Onnnn-M42-CZ) which perfectly fits to our mvBlueCOUGAR-XD1031 or to the mvBlueFOX3-4-0315Z with Sony Pregius sensor IMX342 (APS-C). The lenses are available in the lens selector. The lenses have

  • a very large image circle

  • very high resolution even in the sensor's corners

  • low distortion

  • low shading, and

  • a precise manual focus

KOWA 1.1" Objektivserie für 12 MPixel Sony Pregius

We introduce the KOWA Industrial 1.1" FC lens series (article # MV-Onnnn-12M-KO) which perfectly fits to the 12 MPixel Sony Pregius sensors IMX253 / IMX304 e.g., in mvBlueFOX3-2124 / mvBlueFOX3-2124a. The lenses are available in the lens selector. The lenses have

  • have a very large image circle,

  • have very high resolution even in the sensor's corners,

  • have low distortion, and

  • are optimised to fit the micro lenses of the Sony sensors, so that unwanted shading on the sensor is prevented.

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