Newsletter 03/2019


The year is drawing to a close, and for many, the turn of the year brings the motivation to set new resolutions or challenges. Managing Director Uwe Furtner, who has spent the last 27 years making vital contributions to the development of the company, has decided to step down from his operational duties as Managing Director and his responsibilities as Division Manager of Research & Development, effective December 31, 2019. Starting in 2020, he will devote himself completely to his passion of "coaching and business consulting."

Corporate management, consisting of Ralf Grasmann (Sales & Marketing & Supply Chain as well as Location Manager) and Tobias Thullner (Finance & Administration), will bring Uwe Hagmaier on board to handle Research & Development. He will take over this role on January 1, 2020. Hagmaier has been with the company for over 27 years and has occupied a variety of management roles in the development area. As a result, we continue to be well positioned for the exciting challenges in a dynamic image processing market.

Best wishes,

BlockScan mode - line scan applications with area sensors

The block scan mode enables round or rotating bodies as well as long or continuous materials to be inspected at high speeds (similar to line scan cameras). For this purpose, the BlockScan mode captures an Area of Interest (AOI) block, consisting of multiple lines. Following this, a configurable number of AOI blocks are transmitted together as a complete image. This minimizes the overhead that would otherwise result from the transfer of AOI blocks as individual images using the transfer protocol.

What this means for you:

  • easier handling of line applications (for example, while focusing),

  • expanding the usability of your area scan camera

  • reducing your costs thanks to the elimination of a frame grabber and thanks to the low price compared to line cameras with the same line rate.

Countless possibilities with our embedded vision modular system

The new "BFembedded Interface" that we are offering is a flexible interface concept with a suitable modular system. This means that you can custom-assemble the right components for your project, your installation situation and your computer connection.

The "BFembedded Interface" modular system enables the combination of a wide product range of board cameras with various USB3 connector boards, which can additionally be separated from the camera thanks to flex cable extensions. Customer-specific connector boards can be developed as needed—and the design possibilities are truly unlimited. For example, the options include connector boards to GPU boards, other plugs or plug orientations, etc.

Cameras suitable for use with the "BFembedded Interface" are:

  • the mvBlueFOX3-3M single-board variant, currently with a 6.4 MPixel sensor and

  • the mvBlueFOX3-5M board-level variant.

The mvBlueFOX3-5M, with a separate sensor board, has the complete sensor product range of the mvBlueFOX3-2 available to it. Both cameras can also be customized with flexibility. This means that various filters, lens holders and lenses are available.

IP67C - the option for compact, waterproof mvBlueCOUGAR-X cameras

For use in harsh environments, we now offer the IP67C option - an additional, cost-effective and waterproof variant of the mvBlueCOUGAR-X industrial camera. Here, the C stands for compact, which illustrates the most important advantage for you. We have integrated waterproofness into the standard housing to ensure that only a small amount of installation space is required. The plug connections can be screwed and there are two options for leak-tightness on the lens. Use one of the following options:

  • A standard lens in combination with a protective tube which we offer in various lengths (54 mm, 83 mm, 100 mm)

  • A waterproof IP67 lens, which we have absorbed into our portfolio from Kowa (BAM LS-VS-008 series).

Waterproof lens series (IP67) from Kowa for 2/3" cameras

The new BAM LS-VS-008 waterproof lens series from Kowa is the ideal supplement to the new, compact IP67C option of the mvBlueCOUGAR-X camera family. The lenses are resistant to shock and vibration, making them well-suited for the most averse working environments. Thanks to the compact design, the lens is perfect for use in surroundings with little installation space.

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