Newsletter 02/2020


Here it is - our new newsletter; and it was about time! Precisely at a time when mobile working is becoming increasingly common and people are generally working on smaller screens, there was an urgent need to update to a responsive design.

This way we can focus again on the content and hope you enjoy the other topics of our newsletter.

Kind regards,

New Service Portal

At the beginning of July we started to move our service and support area online and to also make our ticket system directly accessible to the outside world. This way we can track the status of your request live, eliminating the need for feedback and wait times. If you consented to the GDPR (which is the case if you received this newsletter), your account has already been created. You can request your password using "Forgot your password?". Please enter your e-mail address as the user name.

In the future we will move more areas such as FAQs, Knowledge Base, etc. to the Service Portal and make it our central point for service and support.

mvIMPACT-CS / BVS Cockpit

With the new Release 2.7, the mvIMPACT Configuration Studio, mvIMPACT-CS for short, will disappear as a product or name from the market and be continued as BVS Cockpit. Following the takeover of MATRIX VISION by Balluff, we merged the parallel product developments of mvIMPACT-CS and BVS Cockpit. This allows us to avoid redundancies and free up resources. MATRIX VISION will continue to be responsible for the development, whereas Balluff will look after the marketing activities. You can also procure BVS Cockpit from us. Your existing mvIMPACT-CS version can be updated to the new BVS Cockpit Release.

mvIMPACT Acquire SDK 2.38 / 2.39

We added the following functions to the current mvIMPACT Acquire SDK Release:

  • An example was added, which shows how a compressed video stream can be created with our cameras using FFmpeg.

  • The GenICam namespace now includes the feature set of the GenICam Standard Features Naming Convention 2.6,

  • A .NET Standard 2.0 Build of the mvIMPACT Acquire .NET Runtime was added so that .NET Core applications can now be developed with mvIMPACT Acquire.

New mvBlockScan video on YouTube

We uploaded a new video about the mvBlockScan mode to our YouTube channel. The mvBlockScan allows line-scan applications with our line-scan cameras. Watch the video for more information.

With the video we celebrate two premieres: Firstly, this is our first video in 4K resolution. Secondly, this is the first video of a series of videos about our smart features. Topic of the next video: the mvSmartFrameRecall.