Newsletter 03/2020


We would like to thank you for the trust you have placed in us.

Before we take our Christmas break from 24.12.2020 to 04.01.2021, we will show you what has been happening recently in our company.

Despite the difficult times we currently find ourselves in, we wish you a happy and peaceful Christmas and a good start to 2021.

Kind regards,

How does the smart feature Frame Average work?

We uploaded a new video about Frame Average mode to our YouTube channel.

By summing up low intensity values the dynamic range of a sensor can be increased, which is used in many applications in the medical sector. However, the summing up causes extreme noise in the image.

Frame Average mode reduces the noise at full bit depth and compensates for movements in the image - all directly in the camera.

For cost-sensitive applications: New sensor extends mvBlueFOX3-5M range

With the IMX392 we now offer an affordable alternative to the IMX174. The resolution and frame rate stay the same, only the sensor size is smaller than with the IMX174 at 1/2.3. This means that apart from the more affordable sensor cheaper lenses can also be used.

New development location in Hamburg

Even in times of corona at MATRIX VISION GmbH all signs are clearly pointing towards growth. In order to meet the increasing demand for innovative machine vision solutions, five more developers joined the MATRIX VISION team in November 2020.

The five developers bring many years of industry experience and extensive expertise to the company in the areas image sensors, camera signal processing, host and embedded software. The increased manpower allows MATRIX VISION to press ahead with the development projects in the pipeline and further expand its position on the market.