Newsletter 01/2021


We wish you a happy new year and, above all, that you stay healthy.

2020 was an exceptional year for each and everyone of us. Contacts were reduced to a minimum both in our personal and professional lives. Customer visits and exhibitions were not possible. In order to keep you up-to-date via all channels, we intensified our activities on social media, namely LinkedInXingFacebook, and YouTube. Our newsletter remains crucial and will also provide the latest news from our company in the future.

We hope you enjoy reading our new newsletter.

Kind regards,

Nomination for product of the year

The year is still young and has already got off to a positive start for us. The compact IP67 version of our mvBlueCOUGAR-X GigE Vision industrial camera has been nominated by Computer & Automation in the category "Image processing" for product of the year in 2021.

Whether you vote for us or someone else, every vote counts in order to obtain a representative result. And every vote submitted is entered into a draw where you have a chance to win attractive prizes.

So you decide which products are the winners of the respective categories.

Firmware 2.40 brings new property group

The new property group "mvAutoFeatureControl" is introduced with firmware version 2.40. All automatic controllers of exposure, amplification, and white balance, as well as their properties, are summarized here. The change is downward compatible, i.e. customer-specific programming that accesses these properties continues to work.

There are also other properties with which the automatic exposure and amplification can be controlled: mvAutoFeatureSensitivity, mvAutoFeatureCharacteristic, and mvAutoFeatureBrightnessTolerance.

mvBlueGEMINI becomes BVS SL

With the takeover of the marketing of our smart vision products by our parent group Balluff, we are discontinuing the smart camera mvBlueGEMINI. In future the smart camera can be purchased with an optimized housing through Balluff GmbH as BVS SL.

You may continue to contact us at any time if you are looking for a customized version or a special development of a smart camera.