Newsletter 02/2021


The days are getting longer and the weather is improving – in short, spring is on its way. Time to set new goals and explore new horizons. And when it comes to Machine Vision, we have some new products waiting in the wings. Be sure not to miss our next newsletter when the first new developments of the year will be unveiled. These are exciting times!

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy reading today’s edition.

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Overview of tested ARM platforms

For over seven years now we have been offering drivers for ARM-based devices. We previously always published a static PDF overview on our website, which was updated at irregular intervals. With an aim to be more up-to-date and also be in a position to communicate the crucial settings, we have added the ARM information to the respective product manuals. Ensuring that you are always aware of the latest news!

New sensor for mvBlueFOX-MLC

Aptina / OnSemi has announced the end of production of the MT9M021 / MT9M031 sensors. This move has not come as a surprise and we have already been looking for replacements. The AR0135 successor from Aptina / OnSemi appears to be an interesting alternative! In-house testing has been carried out and we were able to improve Global Shutter Efficiency by a factor of 10. This even exceeds the factor of 4.7 provided by the manufacturer. In terms of image quality according to EMVA1288, the sensor demonstrates significantly better values than its predecessor for SNR, DR, saturation capacity, dark noise and dark current. Nothing has changed when it comes to the values for refresh rate (24.6 fps), sensor resolution (1280 x 960), pixel size (3.75) and exposure times (10 µs - 1 s).

The sensor has been added to our portfolio as mvBlueFOX-MLC202v.

Firmware update via mvIMPACT Acquire SDK

With Release 2.41.0 of mvIMPACT Acquire SDK, we have introduced the “Firmware Update” class. It is thus now possible to carry out and manage firmware updates at a programming level. This class is documented in the mvIMPACT Acquire SDK manual.

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