Newsletter 03/2021


In conjunction with the new, fast and high-resolution sensors, USB3 and Gigabit Ethernet are being increasingly pushed to their limit when it comes to delivering full performance. There may be an appropriate interface with 10 Gigabit Ethernet, however not all solutions on the market are achieving the maximum net data rate possible. This is an issue we have addressed with our new 10 GigE mvBlueCOUGAR-XT camera which, as a result, boasts a superb 1245 MB/s net data bandwidth. So let's get going - time to pick up the pace!

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10GigE mvBlueCOUGAR-XT camera series

Our new mvBlueCOUGAR-XT camera series combines a 10GigE interface with the performance of modern image sensor technology from the Sony Pregius S Gen4 CMOS family and resistant IP67 housing for the industrial environment. The following highlights also make it stand out from other 10GigE cameras on the market:

  • High net data rate of up to 1245 MB/s

  • Power supply through PoE+

  • Precise synchronization with Precision Time Protocol (PTP) i.a.w. IEEE1588

  • Secure image transmission with 2048 MB image buffer

  • Completely identical API for Linux and Windows

  • Compatible with GenICam and GigE Vision

High-speed dual-ADC with IMX53x sensors

The 4th generation IMX53x sensors used in the new mvBlueCOUGAR-XT 10GigE camera boast a dual-ADC function directly in the sensor. This means that the sensor reads out a pixel twice and combines the data with a value using a specified parameter set. In the past, this all had to be done “manually” via the FPGA. It frees up resources for other preprocessing and the pixel data are more original. You will find the switch for mvDualAdcMode at “Setting → Base → Camera → GenICam → ImageFormatControl”.

Raspberry Pi projects: Embedded live-stream surveillance camera

We also have smaller student projects on the go: one of our latest required visual feedback from the company’s access doors. As you know, Development and Administration are separate buildings and yet buzzer requests to be allowed in are always directed to reception in the administration building. There was therefore a general unease at opening the doors to a building located elsewhere. We have written about our solution involving a Raspberry Pi and an mvBlueFOX3 USB 3.0 camera in the white paper.

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