Newsletter 01/2022


like last year, we are also concerned this year with the supply bottlenecks for electronic components. As there is still a tight supply situation for some central components, we have initiated a redesign for mvBlueCOUGAR-X and mvBlueFOX3-2 based on alternative components with reliable availability as soon as possible to ensure the ability to deliver.

This redesign will be offered as an additional revision parallel to the previous products. More about this in a statement on our website.

We hope you enjoy reading about the other topics in our newsletter.

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P.S.: As the situation at the trade fairs continues to ease, you now have more opportunities to meet us in person again. You will find a list of our current trade show activities at the end of this newsletter.

Firmware-Update 2.47

mvBlueCOUGAR-X, -XD & mvBlueFOX3

New Feature "mvExposureActiveShift"

The requirements that have to be met when constructing vision systems are rather different. For example creating a suitable light situation especially controlling a flash is an important task. To help the customers our cameras provide the GenICam signal 'ExposureActive' at the digital outputs. This signal should become active during the exposure period, so it can be used theoretically to trigger a flash. In reality this signal is not exactly at the same time as exposure. In addition the correct flash firing time is mostly not exact exposure as it is also detemined by the properties of the flash unit itsself. To achieve best results this signal should be adjustable. This is now realized by 'mvExposureActiveShift'. You can shift the 'ExposureActive' signal in µs steps in both directions. This works, in contrast to the 'TriggerDelay', also for the free run or burst mode.

Application examples

New Firmware Version 22.01.0


Update of the User Interface

The new firmware of the rc_visards offers a new GUI layout with an enhanced navigation side bar. This navigation side bar contains sub-menus to display the name of the current page and to make all pages reachable with one click. It also uses a responsive design with automatic collapsing on mobile devices.

The system information are reorganized in multiple pages: Firmware & License, Network Settings, GigEVision Status, Logs.

New Rest-API

New version of Rest-API is available and is used with the new firmware 22.01.0. 

BoxPick with new Parameters

The on-board software module BoxPick has new parameters. You can choose between two modes for unconstrained or packed grid layouts of boxes. Additionally, you can set the line_sensitivity parameters to configure line detector manually.

Application examples

2022 Calendar

03.05. - 06.05. - IPACK-IMA 2022 Mailand, Italy
05.05. - ROBOTBRAG & Læringsdag 2022 Odense, Danemark
24.05. - 26.05. - SPS Italia 2022 Parma, Italy
08.06. - inVISION TechTalks "Robot Vision"
08.06. - 09.06. - Vision Robotics & Motion 2022 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands
21.06. - 23.06. - Embedded World 2022 Nuremberg, Germany
21.06. - 24.06. - Automatica 2022 Munich, Germany
04.10. - 06.10. - VISION 2022 Stuttgart, Germany
11.10. - 13.10. - The Vision Show 2022 Boston, USA