MATRIX VISION as employer

Our company building stands in Oppenweiler, the gateway to the remarkable landscape of the nature park "Schwäbisch-Fränkischer Wald". Oppenweiler lies approx. 30 km northeast of Stuttgart next to Backnang.

The distance to the autobahn A81 Stuttgart - Heilbronn, Exit Mundelsheim is approx. 20 km. There is a direct railroad connextion to Stuttgart operating every 30 minutes throughout the day.

The working environment is important for motivation and the working atmosphere. Therefore all workplaces have been designed newly after ergonomic aspects: modern and amply. One of the free workplaces could be yours.

  • What we offer

    Individual advanced training and development possibilities

    Regularly held employee interviews between managers and employees form the basis for the individual promotion. As a result, tasks and goals are analyzed and specific development measures implemented.

    Equal career opportunities

    To increase the quality and creativity of our teams, we put great emphasis on "Employee Appreciation" and "Employee Diversity". Here, the equal career opportunities play a central role, regardless of gender and nationality. We want that our employees can use their talent and potential to contribute to the success of our business.

    Performance-matched salary and performance-related bonuses

    • Holiday of 30 days/year

    • Christmas and holiday bonus

    • Working time of 40 hours per week

    • Capital-forming payments

    Flexible working times with flexitime regulation

    For a better work-life-balance we offer flexible daily working hours. You have the option to organize your time in accordance with your personal needs as long as it supports the business interests.

    Ergonomic working environment

    To promote the mental health and the wellbeing of our people at work, all working places are designed after ergonomic aspects: modern and amply. Besides the furniture, lighting, acoustics, workplace organization, and room climate are futher aspects.

    Purchasing department

    Accounting department

    Sales department

    Development department

    Pleasant working atmosphere

    We also offer annual events like BBQ, Christmas party, celebrations on special occasions, or sports to strengthen the team spirit outside working hours.

  • What characterizes us

    As a stable growing medium-sized company located in Germany, we are one of the leading suppliers of image processing products and solutions because of our know-how, innovation, and the flexibility offered to the market.

    Our success is built upon our highly-skilled team. Without their creativity, dedication and willingness to learn this would not have been possible. For this reasons we are constantly looking for qualified employees, who are willing to support our team.

    We stand for continuity

    Technical progress and innovations are the key factors for the growth of our company. Our long-term strategy and sustainable growth offer safe jobs with long-term perspectives.

    We offer space for creativity

    We encourage and support the creative capability of our employees. We offer a friendly working atmosphere in a young team with room for new ideas and your own development.

    Pool table

    Common room

    We are open, collegial, and honest

    Our working atmosphere is characterized by an open and fair communication and a flat hierarchy with short decision ways. This enables a unconventional, effective and directed teamwork. In doing so, we put an emphasis on an honest and uncomplicated communication.

  • Who fits to us

    We are a team of young and young at heart people with high requirements. Besides our professional competence, social skills are most important to us.

    You will therefore be a good match for us if you

    • show a high degree of commitment,

    • have high demands on yourself and have the desire to develop further,

    • work in a structured and pragmatic way,

    • implement convincing ideas,

    • have entrepreneurial mindsets and skills,

    • take over responsibility,

    • work in an esteemed manner and

    • communicate honest and open