Quality Automation GmbH

Quality Automation GmbH from Aachen, Germany, has been one of the leading suppliers in the fields of production and manufacturing automation since its foundation in 2000. We ensure maximum production efficiency and the highest quality worldwide. Of utmost importance to us is the involvement of our customers in the entire production process - from the first moment of planning to the handover of the keys. Because it is only when our systems are fully integrated that they unfold their full performance potential.

In the field of non-contact measuring systems, Quality Automation GmbH from Aachen, Germany, offers its experience worldwide in the areas of surface analysis, geometry checks, rotary position checks and presence checks. Both area scan cameras and line scan cameras are used to realize the applications. If there are space problems, mini cameras are also used for implementation.

In order to ensure functional reliability in later operation, a feasibility study can always be carried out prior to installation in the process operation. This is done with the help of a test setup in one of our test laboratories and presents possible implementation alternatives.