Heilbronn University

University: Hochschule Heilbronn
Faculty: Elektronik und Informationstechnik
Contact person: Prof. Dr. Jäger
Year: 2001-2006

MATRIX VISION GmbH has a special relationship to the local Heilbronn University, because many employees and also two managing directors studied at the university.

Our sponsorship is used in two laboratories for the subject Process Data Processing (PDV). The work in the laboratory is practice-oriented and takes place for 8 weeks on Tuesday afternoons. During this time, students attempt to solve standard problems in the following areas:

  • Image Processing

  • Optical quality control

  • Robot control

Example applications are (excerpt):

  • 3D scanning with a 2D camera

  • Classification of objects (triangle,square, etc.) with a

  • line scan camera

  • Shape recognition

  • Placement control of a control element with lights

  • Position recognition of a dice and recognition of the number of eyes, then new dice roll by controlling the dice by a robot

  • Barcode recognition

  • 3D measurement of steel pins (position in space) in free fall