Forgery-proof identification of individual objects based on individual surface patterns

In the context of advancing sensorization and digitization along the entire value chain, individual part tracking in industrial manufacturing offers steadily growing economic added value. Conventional, established methods for individual part tracking such as serial number, barcode, data matrix code (DMC) or RFID can be applied in many cases. However, part size, marking costs, optical or hygienic conditions are just a few examples that may prevent a conventional track & trace (T&T) solution. A promising approach is therefore the identification of individual objects based on individual surface structures. This is a tamper-proof approach - in contrast to conventional T&T methods - because the structures cannot be copied. In addition, it is possible to trace objects for which no labeling or application of an RFID tag is possible. In the case of bulk goods, e.g. plastic components, simple traceability is also possible right from the start of the process chain.

In the "BIANKA" project (component identification for individual component tracking using fluorescent additives in plastic components), the Hahn-Schickard and SKZ research institutes developed a prototype based on fluorescent additives added to plastics in low concentrations, similar to color pigments. The statistical distribution of the fluorescent particles during the manufacturing process results in an individual particle distribution on the surface. The particle distribution is invisible under normal conditions and is made visible with the help of UV illumination.

The start-up Detagto, which was founded out of the Hahn-Schickard Institute for Microassembly Technology and is already working on bringing "marker-free traceability" based on surface structures to the market, would also like to offer the process developed in the "BIANKA" project as another smart traceability solution in the future.

Dr.-Ing. Benedikt Wigger
Managing Director, Co-Founder Detagto

With MATRIX VISION, I particularly liked the pragmatic, solution-oriented way. In addition, MATRIX VISION supported us with extensive expertise and valuable advice in the design of the hardware. MATRIX VISION is also well networked with other component suppliers, which helped us a lot at Detagto.