Gigabit Ethernet camera in multi-camera operation in the field of book-binding

Despite increasing spread of digital books and online media, "classical" books like cookbooks, travelbooks, novels, dictionaries, etc. are part of our everyday lives. However, there are a lot of processes until you have a book in your hands. Industrial image processing, for example, is one of these processes and so our know-how goes into action.

For example book-binding: Nowadays, books are bound automatically. So that the pages are ordered in the right way, our mvBlueCOUGAR-X camera checks the order of the print sheets. This happens with the help of text recognition. The automatic text recognition needs a well illuminated scene to work properly. This guarantees a perfect and high-contrast material for checking. Furthermore, the open design of the mvBlueCOUGAR-X camera makes it possible to integrate custom specific extensions like an ultra-bright flash illumination, which is needed in this application. The integration also includes the control and the powering of the flash illumination via the smart and robust digital I/O's of the camera.

Additionally, the camera memory together with the precise bandwidth control enables a safe and reliable operation.