Industrial cameras for 2D and 3D movement studies

Simi Motion acquires 2D and 3D movement information with subillimeter accuracy on the basis of high-speed videos. Accurate 2D / 3D information makes it possible to measure mechanical connections objectively, to understand the information, and to optimize activities or to use the input for mechanical simulations. The software also allows to analyze high-speed videos with external analog or digital measurement data, to understand connections in a plant and product tests using images and measurement data (also as a mobile test system).

Since 2013, 2 MV cameras are used with Simi Motion and a laptop for sport bio-mechanical studies at the Research Institute for Olympic Sport in Finland. They analyze and optimize movments to prepare the athletes for the battle for the medals - with success!

A further system is used at the University of Granada. The system is equipped with 8 synchronized MV cameras together with Simi Motion. The system analyzes mechanical connections and loads of the human body when running in 3D. As a result, the system identifies the reasons for joint stress and injuries.