Smart camera for more safety on motorways

The current traffic statistics bring it forward: By means of increasing volume of traffic the stress of each road user arises and this leads to low attention. This lack of attention, in turn, leads to wrong attitude, which increases the accident risk especially at ambiguous and confusing sites. Intelligent, robust and compact systems are needed to examine and protect traffic sections also in bad accessible environments. With the intelligent camera mvBlueLYNX MATRIX VISION shows how the traffic secruity is improved on land and on water in France.

Some french motorway associations installed a smart system to prevent accidents. The system, which is based on the intelligent camera mvBlueLYNX, is weatherproof with an additional housing and works autonomous. This means that the system features a transmitter and receiver but no bus bar. Installed on an eight meter pole, the system gets the power from solar elements. With it the intelligent system can record irregular incidents around-the-clock. Each camera observes one motorway exit and detects wrong way motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. The digital I/O generates a signal and sends it to a light system, which warns the misrouted road user optically. Indeed, this prevents no rides with suicide itentions or tests of courage. However - the monthly downloads of the recorded images help to clear up the circumstances and the origins.