Smart camera for more safety on waterways

In the south of France between Massif Central and the Rhone valley the river Ardeche is located, a popular destination at home and abroad. A special attraction represents the canoeing on the river. The increasing number of tourists and for this reason the larger amount of rides does not only offer advantages. Big problems for the boat hire companys are the risk of accidents, the dissatisfaction of the tourists caused by the missing loneliness on the water as well as the complexity. The latter actually led in some instances to attempts to defraud by tourists.

To work against these negative tendencies, boat hire companies installed the intelligent camera mvBlueLYNX and also used an additional weatherproof housing. Here the mobile and compact design pays off: neither a big holding nor a big power supply unit are needed, to mount the camera on places (with a good survey of the river) which are difficult to access. The camera counts the boats and sends the data as well as the live images to the starting point of the rides. With this information the boat hire companies can handle the number of boats on the river and they can intervene and counteract, if there are incidents.