Over the past few decades, logistics has been transformed. While there used to be warehouse stocks in industry, lorries are now warehouses on wheels. Just-in-time is the magic word. Online trade has also meant that the number of deliveries of goods has increased significantly. The expectations of customers according to the motto "Ordered today, delivered tomorrow" contributes to the ever-increasing pressure on logistics. In order for all of this to function properly, routes, processes, tracking and identification of goods must all be carried out in the best possible way. Industrial cameras help with this in the following areas:

  • Sorting

  • Palletisation

  • Depalletisation

  • Commissioning

  • Navigation

Example applications in logistics

  • Sorting post (address reading)

  • Pick-by-vision (video-supported commissioning)

  • Driver assistance for forklift trucks

  • Driverless transport systems