Technical Glossary


Opening in a camera through which light enters. Closing the iris produces a darker image. Opening the iris produces a brighter image.

Analog industrial cameras

Analog industrial cameras require a frame grabber, which converts the analog signals into digital ones so that the data can also be processed with a PC. For this to work smoothly, the analog industrial camera and frame grabber must match and have the correct settings.

Action Commands

Action commands are a possibility defined by the GigE Vision standard to trigger an action on several devices almost simultaneously. Almost means that there may be latencies due to the Ethernet nature, but these are acceptable in many application scenarios.

The most common actions include resetting timers and counters or incrementing counters or using Actions Commands as a software trigger source. The Actions Commands can access the devices via exclusive, write or read rights.

The action commands can be either broadcast or unicast in the network.

Actions Commands are available for the GigE Vision camera families mvBlueCOUGAR-X, -XD and -XT and are described in the manual .

Auto Feature Control

Whether in outdoor use with different brightness levels or in an industrial plant with artificial light paired with day and night influences, our industrial cameras always provide the appropriate brightness in the image. This is ensured by the mvAutoFeatureControl. You can use it to define the behavior of how the signal amplification (Gain) and the exposure (Exposure) are automatically controlled. For this purpose several properties are available. The PDF document about the mvAutoFeatureControl shows you what they are and what they do.