Online image processing for MATLAB® with GUI (graphical user interface) and live image capturing.

Cameras with GenTL support (mvBlueFOX3 / USB 3.0 and mvBlueCOUGAR / GigE) are directly supported by MATLAB®.

The MATLAB® online image processing application MOBil-FG V2.9 and MOBil-BF V2.9 combines the numeric and graphical efficiency of MATLAB® with a real time picture capturing from a MATRIX VISION frame grabber or mvBlueFOX industrial USB camera to analyze camera images. The operation occurs with a graphic user interface (GUI) into the camera image as a fixed image or as a Livevideo overlay.

  • MOBil-FG V2.9 (frame grabber interface)

  • MOBil-BF V2.9 (mvBlueFOX/mvBlueCOUGAR camera interface)

  • MOBil-TB V2.9 (Image Acquisition and Processing Toolbox) for MATLAB and standalone programs

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