Newsletter 04/2021


Following the mvBlueCOUGAR-XT we now present the second new product of the year: Thanks to the cooperation with Roboception, we are expanding our product portfolio with the smart 3D camera rc_visard. In conjunction with the on-board software package the rc_visard can also be used as a 3D stereo sensor. Because the rc_visard can process the camera data directly via the on-board processor and transmit the relevant information for the task such as gripping points directly to the robot application. A user-friendly, web-based interface enables easy operation and configuration without the need for special training.

No matter how you use the rc_visard, as a 3D camera or stereo sensor, with it you receive the right product for your stationary or mobile robot applications.

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P.S. At the moment we are preparing an online live demo for the rc_visard. We are going to invite you in a separate mail.

Smart 3D camera for robot applications

With the rc_visard MATRIX VISION offers its customers a 3D camera range which was developed for stationary and mobile robot applications such as bin picking or the navigation of driverless transport systems. The integrated software suite rc_reason processes camera data and relevant information for the task directly on the camera and promises particularly easy operation thanks to the user-friendly, web-based user interface. The 3D camera comes in different base distances (65 and 160 mm) for various working ranges (175 x 180 mm² to 3440 x 2700 mm²). Other highlights include:

  • High application flexibility
    thanks to optional software modules and GigE Vision interface

  • Low system costs and high system reliability
    with on-board processing and application-specific software modules

  • Increased productivity
    thanks to smart software modules

Computer & AUTOMATION products of the year 2021

You decided: The mvBlueCOUGAR-X IP67C is one of your products of the year 2021 in the Machine Vision category. Thank you very much for all the votes.

This award is very important for us because it is confirmation of our business model. With the "Time to Market" approach we aim to meet customer requirements quickly and simply.

Also with the mvBlueCOUGAR-X IP67C we implemented the requests of our customers within a very short time and modified the existing camera mvBlueCOUGAR-X. The compact housing with protection class IP67 equips the camera for rough environments, making it perfect for the production area. This quick implementation of customer requests makes possible the modularity of our product portfolio.

MATRIX VISION cameras in the docker container

Software containers are becoming increasingly popular as they can be set up so that only the packages required for the application are included with the appropriate dependencies. The software containers can be transported and installed as a file and also offer enhanced security: In the container the software is "locked away" and only the access rights that are absolutely necessary are granted.

For the mvBlueFOX, mvBlueFOX3, and mvBlueCOUGAR-X ranges, there is a use case that describes how a docker file is created.

>> To the mvBlueFOX manual

>> To the mvBlueFOX3 manual

>> To the mvBlueCOUGAR-X manual

Calendar 2021

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