Newsletter 06/2021


Perhaps you have already noticed: We now have a new website.

The configurators of the product lines are the big highlight of the new website. Here you can compile your customized product using the different variables such as resolution, sensor, or optical filters. You then receive the exact barcode and you can download the 3D model and further information about your configuration. The product portfolio has also been expanded. You now have an even greater selection of accessories for your vision components.

The website can be called up in German, English, French, Italian, and now also in Chinese.

But this is just the beginning! A few functions and overviews will follow in the near future. Look forward to a few surprises!

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Multi-Core Acquisition Optimizer (MAO) - Distribution of the network data processing to several CPU cores

With the Multi-Core Acquisition Optimizer (MAO) the distribution of the workload arising from the processing of the network data can be influenced. It allows the processing of the network data of a GigE Vision Stream to be distributed to several CPU cores through the intelligent combination of device firmware and host driver. In contrast to processing on a pseudo-random selected CPU core, with the Multi-Core Acquisition Optimizer it can be explicitly defined on how many and which CPU cores the processing of the network data takes place – according to the individual requirements of the respective application. The distributed workload ensures enhanced overall system stability, prevents data loss during transmission, and increases the computing power. As a result, the work packages of the parallel algorithm can be bigger and free capacities of the CPU cores can be better utilized.

You can find a description in our manuals:

>> To the mvBlueCOUGAR-X manual

>> To the mvBlueCOUGAR-XT manual

mvBlueCOUGAR-XT - New sensors for 10GigE camera range

The first models of the mvBlueCOUGAR-XT camera range were equipped with the high-speed sensor models IMX530 (24.6 MP), IMX531 (20.4 MP) and IMX532 (16.2 MP) from the Pregius S Gen4 CMOS range from Sony. More sensors are now available with IMX535 (12.4 MP), IMX536 (8.1 MP) and IMX537 (5.1 MP).

With the BSI pixel architecture (BSI = back side illumination), the electronics are fitted on the back of the sensors and do not further restrict the light-sensitive area. This means that the Gen4 sensors achieve better images with a pixel size of only 2.74µm. The mvBlueCOUGAR-XT camera range combines the performance of the image sensors with a 10GigE interface and resistant IP67 casing for the industrial environment. Thanks to the particularly high net data rate of 1245 MB/s, frame rates of up to 50.5 FPS are achieved with a resolution of 24.6 MP.

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