3D Machine Vision

3D machine vision is inspired by the most natural and at the same time most complex of all machine vision components: the eye. People see their environment with two eyes, which are slightly away from each other. This spatial difference of the eyes makes it possible to also perceive the depth, in addition to the horizontal and vertical information. Each eye perceives the world from a different angle. Only through the processing in the brain are the different images combined into a whole and the depth information is added.

Knowledge about the third dimension also makes a significant difference for various applications in industry. In robotics it allows the machine production and manufacturing assistants to be able to interpret their environment spatially and move in the room. In logistics processes such as pick & place, package control, loading & unloading of trucks, and depalletizing can be automated using 3D machine vision.

When choosing the appropriate 3D machine vision component, there are different types to decide on depending on the respective application.

Stereo vision is the 3D method used in our 3D Machine Vision cameras.

3D Machine Vision Portfolio


  • Smart 3D camera for robotics applications
  • Easy operation with user-friendly, web-based user interface
  • High flexibility using optional software modules and GigE Vision interface
  • Low system costs thanks to on-board processing and smart, application-specific software modules

3D Stereo Camera

  • 3D stereo camera for industrial 3D applications
  • High flexibility in application thanks to GigE Vision interface
  • Performs even in harsh environments thanks to IP54 protected housing
  • Enables highly accurate 3D image processing thanks to 12 MPix resolution of 3D data and 2D images
  • Optimally adaptable to your workspace thanks to adjustable lenses on cameras and projector