Our software modules for specific applications

All rc_visard models are equipped with the same comprehensive onboard software package. This enables efficient and reliable object detection, indoor navigation and reach planning. To optimize the use for specific application scenarios, the tools can be further extended by optional modules from the rc_reason software suite. rc_reason includes a number of software components such as SLAM, TagDetect and ItemPick. They can be easily executed onboard the camera and intuitively operated via the web-based user interface. The rc_reason software suite is constantly growing: experts are continuously developing more modules to meet the application-specific needs of the robotics community.


Module for robotic pick-and-drop applications that use suction pads.


Module for robotic de/palletizing or sorting of packages.


A module for fast detection of QR codes and AprilTags.


Allows the rc_visard to create a map of its environment while estimating its actual location.


Enables the robotic system to reliably detect, locate and grasp objects in sorted load carriers.


Detects position and orientation of comparatively flat objects on planar surfaces.