Processor Architectures

The processor boards available for embedded vision applications predominantly use processor architectures based on x86 or Arm (incl. NVIDIA). x86 processor architectures are primarily used in industrial image processing, while Arm-based architectures are used in particular in mobile applications. Support for the x86 processor architecture makes it easier to move to embedded systems in machine vision as well, and opens up new possibilities in terms of both space savings and performance.

The different platforms are supported by the programming interface mvIMPACT Acquire SDK programming interface. In this context, the GenICam GenTL Producer ensures compatibility with existing developments and guarantees smooth switching between different hardware platforms.

Adapter boards or plug-in cards are available for the respective computer platforms.

PCIe PC plug-in card

For the connection of the mvBlueNAOS to standard PCs

Adapter boards with M.2 Key M form factor

For the connection of the mvBlueNAOS to processor boards