Extended temperature range (ET)

The camera models of the GigE Vision camera family mvBlueCOUGAR-X and the USB3 Vision camera family mvBlueFOX3-2 are also available with the option "Extended Temperature Range (ET)". available.

Especially in harsh environments, standard are sometimes not sufficient to ensure a safe operation. With the "ET" option, the temperature range is extended to -40 °C to +55 or +65 °C in environments without condensing humidity.

Although safe operation of the camera is ensured in this extended temperature range, it may result in performance limitations of the camera. Examples are:

  • Images may be displayed with slightly lower brightness.

  • Increased noise may be visible in particularly dark areas of the image and with longer exposures.

  • The color accuracy of color models may be reduced.

  • Increased visibility of sensor errors.

  • Prolonged operation under high ambient temperatures will affect lifetime.

As with all MATRIX VISION cameras offering the ET option, we guarantee full functionality except for the limitations listed above. All cameras with this option are upgraded with additional cooling measures and subjected to several hours of climate chamber testing.

This ensures that the cameras start up safely at both the highest and lowest temperatures and consistently deliver flawless images throughout the temperature cycle. Especially when operating in elevated ambient temperatures, heat dissipation via the thermal connection of the camera mount to heat-conducting materials plays a major role. We recommend e.g. thermopads or forced convection as external cooling measures. This connection can be measured via the temperature sensors built into the camera (separately for sensor or mainboard) and should not exceed 75 °C (sensor) or 85 °C (mainboard), or 80 °C for POE. The cameras are equipped with a programmable temperature alarm. The max. housing temperature is 65 °C.

For questions regarding the "ET" option, please contact our