...much more than a configuration tool

wxPropView is a stand-alone application that allows convenient configuration of all device parameters while providing flexible image and video capture with helpful analysis functions.

The interface provides comprehensive access to all device parameters, whereby the display depth of the functions can be narrowed down depending on the user experience.

In addition to capturing individual images, video sequences can also be recorded to RAM or hard disk.

For the display of images, a wide range of options is available, up to the use of multiple displays or the display of several images in one display, as can be helpful when using cameras with line mode or block scan mode.

For the analysis of image data, wxPropView offers a variety of functions that can be applied to the entire image or AOIs. These include histograms, line profiles, noise histograms, intensity plots and a vector scope display.

In addition to direct access to all function parameters, many wizards offer a much more comfortable use of the manifold possibilities.

Detailed information on all functions and wizards can be found in the online manual.

The Wizards