mvBlueNAOS4 Series - Standard

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Product description

Through use of the cross-platform PCI Express interface the mvBlueNAOS4 offers maximum possible transfer rates. With no overhead or detours through additional interfaces, nearly zero latency transfer of the image data directly into the memory is ensured (DMA - Direct Memory Access). Applications demanding the highest level of performance are possible while at the same time keeping the overall system costs low.

The mvBlueNAOS4 series features the newest Global Shutter sensors in the Sony Pregius and Pregius S series, offering high image quality with small pixel size and high transfer rates - optimal qualities for this camera platform. Here, the mvBlueNAOS4 stands out with an even faster sensor connection, optimized for the Gen4 sensors of the Pregius S series.

Various processor architectures based on NVIDIA, ARM and x86 are supported by the mvIMPACT Acquire SDK programming interface. The GenICam GenTL Producer ensures compatibility with existing software and smooth transition between various hardware platforms. Adapter boards or plug-in cards are available for the respective computer platforms.

Industrial camera
Digital inputs
4x PNP
Digital outputs
4x PNP
Lens mount
C-Mount, other types on request
Image formats
Mono8...Mono16;Bayer8...Bayer16 *
Housing material
Aluminium, Anodized
32 x 40 x 55 mm
Operating voltage Ub
5...12 VDC
Ambient temperature
0...45 °C

C-mount lenses

Interface boards

Embedded Vision


I/ O