Why do I get frame incompletes despite activated bandwidth limit?


If you had a Gigabit Ethernet based appication, i.e.

  • several Gigabit Ethernet or Dual Gigabit Etherent cameras,
  • Gigabit Ethernet switch,
  • etc.

and the right resources and correct settings like

  • suitable bandwidth for the data stream (e.g. using the right bandwidth limit mvGevSCBW).
  • increased Jumbo Frame value (MTU) at the Gigabit Ethernet switch and within the driver,

you could get incomplete frames. We have, in fact, witnessed the used Gigabit Ethernet switches as the reason for this behavior.

A Jumbo Frame value (MTU) at the Gigabit Ethernet switch which is set too high is normally the reason. As soon as we have reduced the value we did not get any incomplete frames anymore. We assume that some Gigabit Ethernet switches do not provide enough puffer for the data packages. Please check your Gigabit Ethernet switch.

Generally speaking, we recommend to use one camera per provided PC's or laptop's port.

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