I get errors or no images on Linux?

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Should your camera (it does not matter whether it is USB or Gigabit Ethernet) be found in wxPropView but does not show images or you get errors, then old or buggy host system drivers or problems with the current used Linux Kernel are often the reason for this behavior.

In this case we always suggest to update first the system drivers (e.g. driver for the network interface card, etc.) and / or the Kernel driver. Unfortunately we cannot give a universal suggestion, since every Linux distribution has its own way of driver handling, i.e. whether the system driver is part of the Kernel module or not.

Depending on the Linux distribution the device manufacturers offer suitable Linux drivers inluding readme files for the installation.

A Kernel update also varies from distribution to distribution. Some have the same mechanism as Windows, i.e. as soon as an update is available you can install it with one click. Please check you Linux distribution, what mechanism it supports.

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