What are the effects of latencies and delays in the (real time) image processing?

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If there are latencies and delays in your application, there will be different reason aspects to keep in mind, all to do with the transfer of the data.

In particular in real time applications, the operating system can assign different priorities to processes. This can lead to a state, where the process of the images is delayed, but the acquisition and the transfer of the images still works normal. The priorities of the threads are hard coded in the driver and the enduser cannot influence that.

A further reason can be the FPGA indrectly, because of wrong settings. For example, if the transfer bandwidth control is set too low, you will provoke an overflow in the camera's image memory. Please check the available bandwidth and adapt the bandwidth control as described here.

Our cameras feature an image memory in order to guarantee a reliable image transfer independent from unexpected process priorities. The image memory can buffer image data to a certain degree. It depends on the image size how many images the memory can buffer. Using wxPropView, the maximum image buffer is indicated in "Setting -> Base -> Camera -> GenICam -> Acquisition Control -> mv Acquisition Memory Max Frame Count".

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