Why do I have initialization problems when using mvDeviceManager and OpenCV?

mvIMPACT Acquire SDK

OpenCV and mvDeviceManager are using libusb. However, the MATRIX VISION driver comes with an own libusb version.

As soon as you link to both libraries (mvDeviceManager, OpenCV) in your program, there will be problems during compilation, because two different versions of the libusb library exist, which, of course, will not work.

To avoid these problems, you can specify the MATRIX VISION version of the libusb either in the LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable or in the configuration file  /etc/ld.so.conf.d/acquire.conf. You will find the MATRIX VISION version of the libusb here: /mvIA-Installation-Dir/Toolkits/libusb-1.0.19/bin/architecture/lib.

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