Working with different configurations of the mvAcquireControl in parallel under mvIMPACT

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The driver supports multiple boards. This requires a working configuration
created using mvConfig/mvAcquireControl which has to be created before.
Each configuration has to access one of the desired frame grabbers.
After that there are three possibilities to work with all these boards under mvIMPACT

The configuration name is passed together with the *.ddc-file to the DEV_Open call,
e.g. DEV_Open("MatrixVision.ddc|Color"); Here the DEV_Open function will try to open
the grabber assigned to the configuration named "Color". This can be done with each configuration.
Each successful call to the function will result in a valid device hanlde.
The configuration can be created with the mvConfig program.

Create a copy of MatrixVision.dll and MatrixVision.ddc under new names.
Edit the copy of MatrixVision.ddc and refer to the copy of MatrixVision.dll in the [DLL] section with the DLLName entry.
Add a [Configuration] Section and a Load value to both ddc files.
The Load value must be a string and refer to a configuration.
Again, the configuration can be created with the mvConfig program. Both ddc files must use different configurations.
In both cases, if a configuration is used that is not yet created, the mvAcquireControl window will pop up
and allow you to create the configuration, when the DEV_Open call is executed.

Different *.ddc files can be created. Each of these *.ddc-files must refer to a different configuration of the mvConfig/mvAcquireControl.
So under [Configuration] there is a different entry in each *ddc file.

If these methods are combined, always method a) will be used.

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