How can I use the color modes COL_G2 to COL_G4 in connection with the mvAcquireControl

mvAcquireControl, mvTITAN-RGB/G4

Earlier versions of the mvAcquireControl ( < 3.104 ) didn"t support these color modes. Whenever one of these color modes has been selected the mvAcquireControl selected COL_GREY internally.

From version 3.104 on these modes are supported if you develop your own software using the mvAcquireControl SDK. In a first step the user has to select the desired color mode using the function IGrabber->SetColormode. After that the resulting TIMAGE structure contains 2, 3 or 4 greyscale images when one of these colormodes is selected.

Within this structure the images are organized that way, that the first line of the TIMAGE structure contains the first line from each camera (one after the other), the next line contains the second line from each camera and so on. So the parameter "lwidth" of the structure will be a multiple of the width of the used camera definition. The attached image shows how the image data is organised in color mode COL_G3 as an example.


Since version 3.122 of the mvAcquireControl SDK there is a sample called cbsynccameras showing how to work with these colormodes.

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