Contents of the configuration file (*.ini)


The configuration file is needed by the driver to control the initializing process.
There must be several commandos in the file and more commandos can be added to
change / manipulate specific settings before or after initializing the board.

At least these commands must be in the config file :
SetLogDevice "Name of the LOG-file"

e.g. [TITAN] for mvTITAN- or mvCAM-Hardware or [MVSL] for mvSIGMA-Hardware.
This mark is searched while opening a hardware to highlight the category of the hardware which should be opened.

Whilst initializing and working with the grabber , the driver can take down events,
informations and possible error messages.
The "Name of the LOG-file" means that the driver received the name of the file in which write all these informations.
This is alway a ASCII file and will be deleted since every start of the hardware.
If this command not exists , no output information will be written.

At this point the hardware is initialized.
All settings which concern opening like choosing hardware or change DMA buffer must make
before this mark.

Some additional commands :

DebugLevel (before InitBoard):
Defines how much information write in the log file.

Possible parameters : 0 to 4.
0: standard, only general informations concerning the initialization and closing the board was written.
4: all events and informations during opening , while working and closing logged.
Attention : The LOG file can dramatically decrease the working speed because the file can be very big.
That"s why you should only work with DebugLevel 0 until you need more detailed informations.
If you do not set the command , DebugLevel will be set to 0 automatically.

SelBoard (before InitBoard):
You can use this command to choose one of multiple grabbers of the same family in the same computer.
For example :
You have a mvTITAN-G1 and a mvTITAN-RGB in the same system.
In this case to exactly choose the grabber , mvTITAN-G1 or mvTITAN-RGB, you must use either SelBoard 0 or SelBoard 1.
SelBoard 0 instruct the grabber to open the first hardware of the same family.
SelBoard 1 opens the second grabber, and so on...

Example for a INI-file:

SetLogDevice "grabber.log"
DebugLevel 4
SelBoard 1


As you see , the grabber.ini is needed to initialize the board.
This file must contain at least the following entries for the pcIMAGE-SC :
SetLogDevice "logfile.log"

Mark for the pcIMAGE-SC
SetLogDevice "logfile.log": Defines whether create a log file an if so how name will be used.
InitBoard: The pcIMAGE-SC will be initialized at this point.

Additional commands (not necessary):
Selboard : Useful if more than one SC or an additional SRGB or SG is in the PC. With this command you can choose between the
grabber. E.g. SelBoard 0 initialize the first SC,SG or SRGB in your PC, SelBoard 1 initialize the second and so on...

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